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Dot Watching...

Doesn't everybody have an Aunty Dot or at the very least know an Aunty Dot? I bet she got invited to the wedding?

Most month's on waking I send a 'pinch punch' WhatsApp message to friends in my phone book, there are a few who are always first in the queue, you know who you are! One such friend, with whom I enjoyed working a few years ago, gets married this weekend. Congratulations! It's been a long time coming and I'm sure all of your friends and family are delighted for you. The sad aspect is that you and your husband to be are misguided when it comes to your choice of football club to support, then I guess, each to their own.

Well, as I had been expecting the invitation for several years now, I've been deciding with trepidation an outfit to wear; what about a traditional three-piece suit, a casual light jacket and shirt, a Gareth-style waistcoat or maybe just a shirt and tie (or just a shirt, especially if it's only for the evening do, no need to splash out if there's no invite to the day event). All this preparation and still no card through the post. I thought I ought to check. It was suggested I get a hat? A hat, really? Oh, well thought I, maybe I should comply? It was a bit of a rush in between driving lessons today but I've managed to snap up a bargain. Just hope it doesn't clash with the millinery of any invited Aunty Dots? Too late to worry about it, now. What do you think? Does it suit the mask? Thank you to the Salvation Army Charity Shop, Darlington for allowing me to try it on for size.

Although I've now grabbed a hat, I've still not been told where the wedding and reception are to take place...

Lucky for the happy couple I'll be in Cumbria this weekend and can drop in at a moment's notice. The only problem with that is that I'll have to get round the Montane 100 pretty quick to get there at 'the drop of a hat'. I wonder if any friends or family will be watching my (aged Aunty pace) dot on the live tracking; as if anyone's going to give two hoots, I can't even get an invite to the evening do!

Just in case, I'm number 293 ... will it be the case of always the bridesmaid, never the bride, after all I am still single.

Would the personal ad go something like this? Used, a few previous careful lady owners, bit temperamental, but will run for cake, bacon butties and chocolate, can be awkward to start in the morning, seen better days but not too old looking for age, might be a decent fixer-upper and would definitely be a long term investment to get everything running properly.

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