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You Had Me At Hello?

I wrote this blog entry over 15 months ago, but didn't hit publish. I wonder how relevant it is now?

Like many during these last few weeks I've been doing the odd run. Funny that since I'm sure I published in a blog last year that I would attempt to clock 5050 miles in a year. Ambitious? No, simply ridiculous. I hadn't counted on the realism of my lack of discipline but only focused on the dream of the potential. Still, now that's almost put to bed, I digress.

Now, where was I? Besides on the phone to Currys-PC World for 1 hour 47 minutes and counting. That's right here tapping away thinking that what I'm writing is mildly interesting. So yesterday, I went for a plod near home, its a routine 8-9 miles, beautiful countryside, hardly any traffic (not that there's much traffic on the roads nowadays anyway) and to boot a gloriously beautiful day. At the moment there's always a cyclist, a walker or another runner around. Perhaps it's just me but there's a change occurring. When the lockdown first started there was an undeniable spirit of togetherness, perhaps in my perfect little rose-tinted bubble I felt, heard and saw people coming together, the phone rang, texts sent and received, smiles in the street, 2-metre distant hellos in the supermarket, even politicians supporting the government. Almost four weeks on, how does it look now?

An hour and twenty minute run and I must have waved to say thanks to oncoming traffic who afforded me a wide berth, nodded or said hello to numerous walkers, joggers and cyclists out for their daily dose. Yet, as I got near home I passed a lady, who I smiled to. She looked like she ignored me. 'Good morning' I offered politely. No reply, not a flinch, not a whisker or hair twitched, she looked straight ahead. It's just an attempt at politeness? Isn't it? It's just an attempt to connect? I thought.

I've seen her out since, she's had earphones on a couple of times, I've tried again to just say hello. I've no idea why it bothers me so? Is it her refusal to acknowledge me, her reticence to (in my opinion) be polite? She's a mature lady and all I'd like from her is a smile, some action to say she sees me. After all don't we all thrive on human connection?

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