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This Old Dog …

Sad I know but true;  I am currently 48 years old (once I was even paid to play football back in the 1990s) but up until today, I had not once, not ever, never come close to achieving a Rainbow Flick.  That little demon put paid to rest today!  Can you imagine the elation on this ‘young’ 40 something’s face?  It was deliberate too (honest), my son could not believe it, as he can already do it (or has done on occasions), he didn’t quite get the big deal I was making of it.  The fact that he had nutmegged me several times during our kick-about and had only recovered from laughing so hard he almost pee’d himself ten minutes prior, I sort of get how nonplussed he was.  The shrug of his shoulders was enough but that one moment in time was all it took for these particular fingers to come crashing back to this previously pummelled keyboard.

How long should a blog entry be by the way?

One advice I was given the other day was that it should be no more than 400 words.  Crap I thought, mine are double that, no wonder no-one reads it?  The whole blooming reason for doing it was to get engaged (not that way) and be able to stimulate some donations for Brathay Trust.  Have I really thought this through?

Talking about thinking ‘things’ through, you remember how much of a wimp I am?  Remember how much pain I was in for 60% of the Ten in Ten?  And the three weeks or so that it took me to recover?  Well, what do you think it would take for me to apply to join in with another attempt in 2019?  Very little in fact, no encouragement at all but determined I am to make a better fist of it in 2019.

Recently I’ve been lured away from Radio Two (well one day sort of counts), sweet relief to not have to endure Chris Evans at Breakfast (no doubt he won’t think much of me either), another BBC channel (didn’t even know it existed), Radio 6?  Who knew?  Some things change, some stay the same, especially my penchant for Sara Cox (especially her late night show and the feature ‘Shiftface’), lucky you read that one twice!  She’s even taken over the mantle of late night listening reserved for Janice Long who left a void in my life when she stopped her late night wireless slot.

By the way I was thinking of changing the title of the blog from Snickers or Marathons (which was a chocolate inspired nutty nudge to my love of confectionery) to a word play of my name, Duncan becomes ‘dung’ can, any advice, please, surely there’s some inspiration out there somewhere?

By the way you can still sponsor me for next year’s Ten in Ten at Just Giving for Brathay.

So this old dog is going to learn new tricks?  Let’s see…

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