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Week Two – Is it a Habit yet? Even though I’m no Monk!

I hate Facebook, I hate how it inadvertently consumes, looking at drivel and puerile posts that you don’t want, need or care for. This morning, I’ve watched a donkey unhinge part of a fence, how clever; I’ve watched a frozen fish come back to life in what looked like a large dog’s drinking bowl, amazing; I’ve updated where I worked for the last 20 years, who gives a monkeys; and finally to cap it off, tried to reconnect with friends so that I can tell them what I’m training to do next year, in the hope that they might be vaguely interested, thereby sponsor me and raise much needed funds for Brathay Trust. Come on please accept my friend request, or is there something wrong with me? Don’t answer that!

The only reason I am on Facebook is to promote Brathay and the 10in10. Let’s see whether I do this; my intention once the 10in10 is over is to remove myself from the loathsome thing and then hopefully the friends that I have an interest in and who also reciprocate the feeling will stay in touch. A letter (why don’t we do this anymore), a phone call or even a text makes a difference.  It’s not advertising to the world our feelings from one to another, it is purely a personal gesture of emotion and thought between us. Perhaps I do know why we don’t do this? It’s time (when did we start to run out of it) and effort (when did I get to be so special that I stopped caring for people I thought meant something to me)? I can’t make more time but I can make more effort …

I spent 1 hour and 34 minutes with one of my son’s godfathers last night. I miss true-friends that seemingly no matter how much time goes by, you can just trust. Thank you, Steve.

Last week, was a rather sensible affair, a few pool sessions, a few small runs, not too many hills and the odd occasion of stretching properly and trying to strength-train. It’s something isn’t it?

Besides the idleness and wishful thinking, the biggest obstacle seems to be routine. Work gets in the way (bed also gets in the way too, how I love my bed, that warm ‘snuggly’ feeling, cocooned in an envelope of man-made fibres and the world shut out, if only for 4, 5, 6 or 7 hours – lucky me).

Lots of advice this last week too, which is great (it is, honestly it is). An offer to run with a work acquaintance, thanks, Gina from Farrers Teas and Coffees, I’m looking forward to taking you up on the offer. ‘Faye Feedback’ too, thanks, I love the honesty, apparently I don’t eat well enough (do you know I’ve not had a whole chocolate bar in over a week, the biscuits by the way don’t count), or sleep well enough or take advice well enough. Well enough; I know you are not supposed to do that grammatically but this is the way I thought it and the way I’ve written it (how lucky you are to see in this mangled mind of mine). I will take advice but I need to get things wrong myself and work out how to do it right. I’ve never taken advice properly (sorry Dad) but I think I’m better at trying to make a mistake and learn from it now. Just off for a 10K and a swim, let’s see what happens …

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