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Brathay 10in10 – Chapter 4 – Capture and Bring Back Cerberus

Dynamic stretching to ‘Bring me Sunshine’, today was a day won from the off, unfortunately it didn’t feel like it.  The dog of a course bit today.  Not hard but enough for me to know not to take her for granted.

Blister on ET toe (Emma Graham) you know which one? I’ve never had an issue with Joggers Runs but my stomach seems unsettled, maybe it is still the nerves, so a little break followed by blister damage right under the nail at 17 miles.  Ouch!  As they say 5HiT happens.  The pleasing thing was that I remembered the advice from our training weekend in January when we were advised that if you have a problem stop, sort it and then move on.  I did.  Amazingly I am remaining sensible which for me is a bloody miracle.  After the sunshine and how positive I felt this morning I was expecting a great day, it didn’t happen.  Luckily Andrew Wildsmith popped by with some much needed support on the way into Bowness, thank you, I really needed that.  Fate certainly seems to lend a hand, just when you need it most.  The last 2 miles was bloody awful, though.  Memories from two years ago surfaced, passion was a word that kept repeating in my head.  As I crossed the little bridge and up the hill to Clappersgate, my head dropped.  It can.  So far I’ve posted two ‘times’ better than my Windermere Marathon time of last year, today was no exception, I’ve still come in three minutes faster than last year which taking in to account the little breaks and niggly frustrations means that is three days of consistent running.  All I need to do is keep putting each day, each run in perspective.  Even if I’m a tad disappointed today, every day is a step forward into the uncharted territory, a journey towards Tartarus; it is something to be proud of and whatever challenge lies in front of me tomorrow, a good night’s sleep, some more Amazing Aimee with the Healing Hands and we will be ready for it, come May the 20th we both intend to be leg ends.

The process of receiving physio is another head of Cerberus, again it bites.  So three nips today, my foot, my head and my physio.  I should not be ungrateful and I’m not, without the treatment we receive there would be no way we could face another marathon (I’m sure there are exceptions but then there are some amazing athletes, (Malc Collins, Richard Storr, Sean Warburton, Jonathan CarterRich Rex).  There were quite a few who posted PBs today including the very happy and chipper Graham Dewar. This is an amazing experience, it truly is great to see and be part of something, there’s progress some days, but dour others, we are only on day three and no doubt there (like the undulating Windemere course) more ups and downs to come.  Hopefully, in the forthcoming blog entries there will be no mention of toilet antics or humour.

Aimee and I seem to have secured a little corner for ourselves in theatre although today she must be proper hacked off as it was a long, slow and painful process getting me to a – eat, b – drink and c – accept the treatment.  I’m walking, my muscles feel loose (I must remind them to stay loose, otherwise I’m going to get pummelled in the morning again).  Please can I apologise to all my fellow ’10in10’ers and physios, I’m absolutely positive my singing is no better than Julia Roberts rendition of ‘Kiss’ in Pretty Woman, especially as I yelped through Prince’s Raspberry Beret as both Dr Katie and Aimee worked their magic (must remember to remind them that magic normally occurs with spells, wands but rarely includes pain, unless you are casting a Cruciatus Curse), apparently my adductors are very tight.

Just to get a few random thoughts out of the way.  Earlier this year I mentioned that my ass is my engine, this refers to my glutes which have benefited from regular monster walks leading up to start day (thank you Phoenix Fitness for the loan of the resistance bands).  A monster walk occurs by walking side to side with a wide elastic band round each foot.  Your glutes burn if you perform it properly.  Apparently your glutes help you keep form and ensure you drive forward.  Our new analogy is that your adductor muscle is like Dad’s Army; when you start to lose form your adductor is your reserve force something that kicks in to action to help protect you and move forward.  My adductors are just like the well-known sitcom, bloody useless and a huge joke.

On a more serious note, the important reason for doing this is to benefit all of the vulnerable young people who Brathay support.  Why not follow the link to the recent ITV broadcast which helps to explain more about the work of Brathay and the legacy of Matt Campbell.  My ugly mug is on it, I’m being interviewed, fame at last?

Now off to prepare for tomorrow, get my kit ready, prepare drink bottles for each of the twelve refreshment stations but one thing I know is that a better song choice is also needed for tomorrow, Miley Cyrus (Younger Now) didn’t cut it today.  Can’t turn the clock back; I started looking like Hilda Ogden I finished perhaps feeling like her.

Over and out Sarah Taylor!

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