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I’m becoming proficient at sorting some things out for myself.  I can even wipe …

Any how I organised some business cards advertising Brathay 10 in 10 with Vistaprint.  Talk about random act of kindness (see last week’s blog post).  Bloody brilliant, they helped design and print for free (as it was for charity), thank you very much Vistaprint!

I’ve now set up a Just Giving text donation code.  Only two things to do now, train and complete.  Easy?

If you fancy donating please follow the instructions below:

It’s easy to donate. Your supporters simply text:

  • Your code – ‘DRTM81’

  • With the amount

  • eg – ‘£1’

  • To – ‘70070’

DRTM81 stands for Duncan Running Ten Marathons (81 is just a derivative of my favourite number, I like the number 9, hence 9×9 = 81).

The training is a bit tough, I had a bad day last week but watch out for more details when I get a moment.

Hope everyone out there is doing well, we are officially on countdown for the 10 in 10 now, so if you haven’t managed to donate (please don’t feel obliged, although it would be very gratefully received) feel free to do so.

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