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Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Starting to feel like I've missed out. Last year about this time I was cock-a-hoop that I'd been accepted for another stab at the Brathay Ten in Ten. Excited, lots. Anxious, a little. Nervous, quite. Committing to the Ten in Ten has been two of the biggest personal achievements tin latter years and I really wanted the hat-trick; to be back in 2020 to celebrate fifty years on the planet and to rock around the Windermere Marathon course for a third time. Three would have been enough, I think...

But after the satisfaction of this year and the most natural way it appeared to happen for me, despite asking advice from many, I still couldn't and still haven't found the legitimate reason to apply. Just to try to do the Ten in Ten for personal satisfaction or gain, is not enough of a good reason, I know that. Add on top of that, the difficulties I'd encountered fund-raising, especially after leaving the little hotel I'd work at for almost three years, the change of career and the struggle to graduate the term from the School of Knocks, there sat I on my little raft drifting aimlessly and unsure which chart to plot.

To date, I've not entered a single event for next year, I need to, running has been my salvation, or rather, Brathay has been my salvation. As a person I admire put it, Brathay helps make me better, next year, I'm in a single man kayak, no Ten in Ten, 262 to look forward to just something else.

Now, it is not often that I give my brother-in-law enough credit but he has come up with a stroke of Geordie genius; why don't we (my sister and I) do 2020 miles (bike, run or swim - training counts) in the course of the year. This was enough to stimulate the juices, but I'm fairly sure I can rack up 2020 miles in a combination of running and cycling over the course of 12 months. That said, I'm not the most consistent of people, so herein lies an opportunity, to challenge myself properly (with very little margin for error) over a full 366 days by (because I'll be 50) completing a full 5050 miles in 2020. How does that fit in? Armed with a second hand Garmin, I'll be logging every mile from 1st January to 31st December 2020. In the process there will be an effort to continue to raise funds for a worthwhile charity (or two), now I wonder which one...

I've been dropping the odd hint here and there about taking myself out of my comfort zone and taking part in a physical challenge on 12th October. Here and now is not the time for the announcement either.

Entries open for the Windermere Marathon today, I'll be entering just to celebrate the ordinary people all achieving an amazing feat of ten marathons in ten days and of course to get my third medal in the series of 4. Word of advice for those 'athletes' taking part in the event, (clue by the way), when you are struggling just focus on getting from refreshment box to box. Good luck to everyone signing up for their first, or hundredth, or more event.

Just for fun I've thrown my ring in the hat for a stab at Montane 100 in 2020. I know I said I wouldn't but 2020 is such a cool year. Ballot entries were only open until midday. Best of luck to all who've popped their own 'x' in the box. Besides I want a bit of bling that says 100 Finisher, do I, do I really?

By the way, I came up with a joke but to date I've not had that many laughs, let me know what you think, here goes, 'Did you hear the one about the giraffe who walked into the bar? The pole vaulter was not happy...'

Happy Trails!

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